The Endo Letters- Episode 9

Episode 9: Uterus’ Meeting with Brain

Later that week

Uterus: Hello, Sir. I am here to turn myself in. *sniff sniff*

Brain: Thank you for stepping forward, Uterus.

Uterus: It was the right thing to do. I feel terrible about everything.

Brain: So, what is it about you that causes pain? Is there something wrong with you? Is there anything malfunctioning in you? You seem like a nice enough organ, don’t seem like you’d do it on purpose…

Uterus: Oh heavens no I would never hurt anyone on purpose.

Brain: So you’re saying you are not aggravating the nerves or sending them with bad messages?

Uterus: Of course not! The ovaries and I have just been keeping to our schedule as best as we can and I have been cleaning, preparing and decorating the nursery in case a fetus needs somewhere safe to stay for several months. I just heard I was in trouble for doing something wrong and let me tell you sir, I had no intentions of-

Brain: Wait, WHO told you you were in trouble?

Uterus: A stranger, very smooth-talking and quick. He looked familiar… like maybe we could be related… but I’ve never seen him at any holidays…

Brain: Interesting. Very interesting. Uterus, you are not in trouble. You seem innocent, for now. Go back to redecorating for your possible embryonic guest. What color is the nursery this month?

Uterus: I’m going with reds and pinks.


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