The Endo Letters- Episode 10

Episode 10: Endo’s Text with Brain Part III

Two weeks later…


Hello? I never heard back from you after the last message. Is everything okay?

Another week later…


HELLO! Where are you? Are you getting these messages? I hope you’re not mad at me for something. The whole “traveling to the chest” thing was a joke.

Oh wait, did I even send that? I don’t remember. Never mind.

Anyway, I miss you!

Three days later…


You detestable, miserable, slimy rat. You lying, dirty scoundrel from the depths of hell. I just spent the last few weeks doing the opposite of what you told me to do because something seemed OFF.

When you said that information is dangerous, there was a major red flag. Information is not dangerous, it is empowering. Information is my industry: I am a BRAIN, and our Patient is an intelligent young woman. She and I banded together and learned all we could this week, and what we learned is that YOU are the problem.

YOU are the reason she hurts all the time.

YOU are the one stealing her life.

YOU are the one that infiltrated her bowels.

YOU are the one traveling into her chest.

You think you’re so clever and that you will never get caught. Well guess what, sucker, our Patient has an appointment with an endo specialist who is going to do a wide excision. You can’t hide from this doctor. You’re getting sent to the pathology lab so you can be officially sentenced, and you are being vanquished.

We’re on to you all, and you are going down. No more hurting her. NO. She deserves far better than this. She will not let you steal another moment of her life. I never want to hear from you again.



I am crushed that you think I am the problem. I’m just little tissues, like I said. Am I cancer? No. Am I killing this girl? No. Do I cause pain? Does anyone really know? It’s all hearsay. I think you’re just looking for someone to blame here. Maybe you should just get me a soy latte as an apology and cancel that excision surgery. Aren’t all surgeries the same? I lived through the last one so even if I was guilty, this one wouldn’t work anyway.

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