The Endo Letters- Episode 12

Episode 12: Recap

CS Lewis’ book The Screwtape Letters was the inspiration for this story series. I have found it particularly effective to hear stories from sides that are dissimilar to the usual stories. In this case, a classic case of endometriosis in a person’s body is narrated through the perspective of the person’s body itself, including endometriosis. The person these body parts inhabit is called their Patient and she represents the 176 million or so people who suffer from and fight against endometriosis.

If you find yourself in a role that is similar to the Patient in this story, please take Brain’s advice and learn from Endo’s “consultant” notes. Knowledge truly IS power, but learn critically. Not everything that comes from a “medical source” is accurate, so compare and contrast information from a variety of reliable sources. Keep the hope: it’s more difficult yet more important than almost anything, so keep trying. Find an actual endometriosis specialist who removes endo instead of just burning it. Make sure they are obsessed with thoroughness because thoroughness is everything.

I hope that you enjoyed this story series! Feel free to share it as much as you like, but please always attribute it correctly: @AmericanEndofEndoProject, Story by Holly Sanneman, Illustrations by Matt Shembari

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