The Endo Letters- Episode 4

Episode 4- Intestinal Property Manager’s Encounter with Endo


Intestinal Property Manager: Endo, Fella. You gotta go.

Endo: No way man, squatter’s rights. I live here and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Intestinal Property Manager: No, no. I’m sorry. We’ve have had lots of complaints that you are causing problems here. When you moved in you said you were training to be a uterus and we believed you. You said you weren’t taking up any room and we believed you. Now, 20 years later you are not a uterus and your kids and friends are taking over the place and leaving their junk everywhere. Not to mention there are some criminals in the group…

Endo: CRIMINALS? Really, you’re gonna go there? These aren’t criminals!

Intestinal Property Manager: Oh really? Than why are they gluing those tissues together as we speak?? I am watching them do it right now!

Endo: Ah, no man. Those aren’t from my guys. Those tissues are being glued together by uh… the Uterus. It’s her fault.

Intestinal Property Manager: Okay well are THOSE your kids who are burrowing over there? Yes, those are your kids. Those are endo kids. Why are they IN the walls? “Get out of the walls!”

Endo: Nah they ain’t gonna listen to you. They’re just kids anyway not criminals. And we ain’t leavin’.

Intestinal Property Manager: I realize that this is hard for you and that our last attempts at removing you were unsuccessful, but you really need to go. We have alerted the Patient’s Brain that you could be the problem.

Endo: Me and the Brain are close. We met at a party last year… well, I mean, we didn’t really meet. I did something funny and he thought it was stupid but I’m pretty sure that once we talk we will be buddies and then there’s really nothing you can do about me or my guys. Our Patient will never suspect that I am being anything but a perfect tenant. Just wait and see.

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