The Endo Letters- Episode 6

Episode 6- Brain’s Dinner Talk with Heart

That night at dinner

Brain: Oh my Darling, I got the strangest message today from a fellow named Endo… He’s apparently a little guy who wants to be a comedian.

Heart: Well what did he want, Dear?

Brain: Well of all things he wanted me to let him play jokes on the poor intestines. You know that whole area is going through a lot right now though. It would be a horrid prank to play-with all the crime they’ve been seeing there. I feel terrible for the intestinal landlord. He says it’s a mess down there.

Heart: Crime!? Oh my!

Brain: Yes yes… They’re really struggling right now and I cannot figure out why. Between that and the pain messages from all over… I really am perplexed. Endo said he was joking around with “sensations” and that the Patient is mistaken for thinking they are “pain”. Besides, he lives in the south and the Patient keeps sending out pain signals from all over.

Heart: Well, do you think that Endo fellow is involved? I mean really involved?

Brain: Oh nonsense, Heart. He’s tiny really. You can hardly see the guy. He talks like he’s going to do big crazy things but it’s all talk… I think it’s all talk anyway. I just don’t see how anyone that invisible and generally quiet could be so bad.

Heart: Well alright if you say so. I still think it seems suspicious. Our Patient was made for so much more than this. She should not be miserable every day, so if I were you, I’d do my best to get to the bottom of this.

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