The Endo Letters- Episode 7

Episode 7- Endo’s Secret Encounter with Uterus


Endo: Hey… shh. Don’t look too suspicious.

Uterus: Wait, what? Me?

Endo: SHHHH I said. I’m here to warn you.

Uterus: Warn me? About what?

Endo: About your impending eviction.

Uterus: Oh no! Why?? What happened?

Endo: The Patient is tired of pain, plain and simple. You’ve really done it this time. She’s miserable.

Uterus: Oh dear! I had no idea. The ovaries and I have just been doing our jobs… honest. I never meant to hurt the Patient! I’m innocent I promise.

Endo: SHHHHHH! Everybody knows pelvic pain equals a criminal uterus. EVERYBODY knows that.

Uterus: Oh no no no. That is horrible. Sir, if I broke the law it was entirely unintentional. I feel so bad about this. All I ever do is try to keep to my schedule and stay ready in case it’s time for the Patient to have a baby. This is just awful!

Endo: No need to get hysterical. I was just warning you that people are talking. Just a warning, period.

Uterus: *sniff sniff*okay, thank you for the warning, kind sir. I will pack my things. Before you go Dear, what is your name?

Endo: Let’s just say, you probably can’t pronounce it.

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