If you are not officially diagnosed but you have symptoms of endometriosis, you are in the right place. The road to diagnosis is often a long, terribly frustrating, disheartening experience for many. Lucky for you, you found us! AEEP has a searchable endometriosis specialist directory (we are also adding pelvic floor physical therapists) and it is totally free and require no social media platform or signup. AEEP offers practical support and encouragement as you go along in your endometriosis journey: YOU ARE NOT ALONE! There is no cure for endometriosis, but remission is quite possible. Do not second guess yourself, do not for a moment believe that you are weak or crazy, and do not give up hope. It is our hope that the things we provide will help you to find great treatment FAST, decreasing the length of your suffering and increasing your chances of a normal, healthy life.