The American End of Endo Project is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Northern California. AEEP works to “remove barriers and renew hope” for women and girls with endometriosis by providing current, easy-to-understand information, streamlined access to qualified specialists, empowerment, and support. In 2018 we will be introducing our funding program to help participants fund certain treatments.

As it stands, one in ten women has endometriosis or about 8-10 million in the United States alone. Unfortunately, the majority of the world’s healthcare providers have been ill-equipped to fully understand endometriosis or how to best treat it. “Endo” is a complex disease: it presents with a wide array of symptoms, can take many forms, and can respond to various treatments quite differently between one patient and the next. Treatments that are most commonly used to try to “deal with” endo are ineffective, leaving people in pain and confusion. Information on endometriosis is difficult to navigate as well: sources have conflicting information. Most people are unfamiliar with and intimidated by medical terminology. Assumptions are made. Myths passed through the generations persist, even today. There is no good regulation of what is said or who can call themselves a “specialist” because there is currently no recognized specialist distinction for endometriosis doctors. It is a wild, frightening world for many endo patients, and so, they suffer on. The luckiest few find specialists that are legitimately specialists of the condition. But, the battle does not end there: many endo specialists whose lives have been devoted to the study and treatment of endo are forced by  “the system” at large to be out-of-network providers meaning that many of these highly-skilled individuals are expensive. In summary, the world of treatment for endo patients can be a world that is frightening, disheartening, hopeless, confusing, and enraging. There must be a bridge to cross these rapids. That is why American End of Endo Project exists: to help sufferers to cut through the years of misery for the very best shot at some relief, or even remission.

We promote that which heals the whole person and restores functionality. We stand for restored health as a legitimate goal. We are deeply committed to giving women and girls access to resources that could give them the full, beautiful lives they deserve. We base our mission completely on integrity, transparency, empowerment and health, and we fight with unwavering feistiness that will not stop until there is an End of Endo.