Thank you so much for your interest in the #AskMeAboutMyRibbon campaign!

We are so excited to work with each of you and support you in any way we can as we blow the cover off of endometriosis in 2019.

Here’s an overview of what is going on:

*This campaign is intended to educate people about endometriosis during daily life

*It is all about story telling- YOUR story

Rules of the Game

*A participant wears a button and carries a few cards in their wallet, pocket, or other safe place.

*When asked about the button, the participant talks about WHY the ribbon is important to them personally. 

*They then give a card to the inquirer who can go home and learn more about endometriosis. 

*BONUS: ask to get a picture or video with anyone who you give a card to. If they decline, post an account of what happened but omit their name.

 Post on social media with hashtag #AskMeAboutMyRibbon 

*Key Points: informing and mobilizing the 19 out of 20 humans who don’t have endo, awareness efforts need to last longer than just the month of march, everybody who has been touched by endo (whether they have it or not) is important in the fight for change

Questions and Answers

How do I get buttons and cards?We recommend five cards per button.

Here is the order form

*The supplies are free to all, but donations are extremely welcome to keep this campaign going strong. There is a link to donate at EndofEndoProject.org and also on our Facebook page

*If you need more, you can always reorder.

Who can participate?

*Anybody who has been affected by endometriosis and is willing to share how it has affected them. People who have endo, parents, kids, friends, partners, healthcare providers, people who have heard a story that left an impression… anyone with a story to tell

What if I don’t know a lot about endo or cannot remember facts and statistics?

*That is 10000% okay! This campaign is designed to provide a platform for story-telling. You don’t have to know the details or be well-spoken, you just have to care and give the listener a card.

Button Design
Card Front
Card Back