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Check out these great downloadable/ printable/ email-able posters from American End of Endo Project. They are FREE to use, but please consider making a small donation to keep AEEP alive and well so that we can keep creating great resources. Donate online or send a check to:
End of Endo Project, 8911 Lakewood Drive #25B Windsor, CA 95492

Download this FREE poster to put up on community boards at your school. This memo is for everyone on campus: Endometriosis Awareness is for everyone!
Download this FREE poster to encourage students who have endometriosis and are struggling to get through school. Stress is harmful- just do your best and give yourself some grace.
Download this free guide to spread endo awareness to teachers this school year
Thanks to Endo Team Peru, we are now blessed with a SPANISH TRANSLATION of one of our Back to School posters!