Ready to be a specially-trained endo advocate/ change-maker/ empowered patient? Ready to teach your friends and family about your painful condition? Ready to be certified to apply to be a skilled AEEP volunteer? If you answered yes to any of these, this program could be great for you!

This p​​​​rogram consists of a free pdf format booklet and a somewhat-challenging open-booklet quiz to follow (allow about two hours for the program in its entirety (up to one hour to read the document and up to one hour for the quiz)).

Participants who receive an 80% or higher are inducted into the Endo Squad: an elite group of informed change makers who receive an Endo Squad certificate and special goodies every once in a while… Endo Squad status is also a prerequisite for some of the more involved volunteer/internship opportunities with AEEP. If you don’t get an 80% right off the bat, that is A-okay: we can send that quiz as many times as you need to rock it.

What is the subject matter? The Endo Squad training program consists of info about what endo is, common treatments and the reasons many treatments fail, the different types of surgeries, common barriers to better information, and what AEEP is all about. (Please bear in mind that AEEP never guarantees any treatment to be 100% efficacious but rather is aiming to advertise some lesser-known though more-often-effective options for patients who feel they are out of options).

We focus more fondly on wide excision and whole-person health; not medications, repeat surgeries and routine organ-removal. Each person’s journey is different and what works for one person might not work for another, but we want to clear up things within the patient community that might prevent someone from having a chance at remission and restored body functionality.

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