Q. What does AEEP do? 

A. AEEP works to remove common barriers people face when searching for information and resources for endometriosis including access to information, ease of understanding, and financial burdens incurred when seeking some of the best treatments available.

Q. Are my donations tax-deductible?

A. Yes, End of Endo Project, Inc. DBA American End of Endo Project is a nonprofit corporation with IRS tax exempt status (501(c)3). 

Q. How can I be involved with AEEP? A. Check our volunteer tab for postings, send us an email, be friends with us on social media, share our stuff, donate, buy AEEP merch, send us encouraging notes, take care of a person with endo, and stay informed. These are several ways to be a part of the movement, so choose the one/s that suit you the best and make the world a better place.

Q. I heard there was no cure for endometriosis, so what exactly are you promoting?

A. That is true(ish), there is not yet a 100% guaranteed cure to eliminate endo every time. However, there are certain things endo patients can do that have the chance at putting them into remission. If there is a zero percent chance of things becoming better on their own, and there is an at least 85% chance of some relief by finding certain treatments helpful, we say that chance is worth fighting for. In addition to fighting for the treatments we already know about, we are also huge advocates of finding new treatments that are 100% successful (and maybe don't even involve surgery some day!)