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The American End of Endo Project exists to remove barriers and renew hope for people with endometriosis. One of our top priorities is giving endo patients better access to the healthcare providers who have the best chance at helping them. We at AEEP are not doctors. We are not specialists. We are real people, just like you, and most of us have suffered from endo for a long time. All of this in mind, we have certain criteria for who is on our list and what we promote.

We are 100% committed to transparency and integrity. The healthcare providers we feature in our directory have met certain criteria based on things we value based on our own experience, research, and available data. The physicians on our directory are asked to complete questionnaires, provide background information, and tell us about their beliefs and practices. Not all physicians have responded to our questionnaires yet, so please be advised that this directory is incomplete and a work in progress. To the best of our knowledge, they each excise endometriosis to some degree. We promise to never, under any circumstances, include or exclude anyone on our directory based on contributions or unfounded opinions. This directory is completely noncommercial: the featured providers are not asked to pay a fee to be on the site. Since AEEP is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, the site is funded by outside donors that believe in giving people better access to the very best endometriosis care currently available.

The physical therapists on our list each claim to practice pelvic floor physical therapy which is not a specialty practiced by all physical therapists. At this time, AEEP is NOT ranking physical therapists. 

There is no such thing yet as a 100% guaranteed cure for endometriosis. We do not guarantee any degree of success or satisfaction with the physicians or other providers on our directory. The focus and mission of this directory is to help you learn about physicians that are objectively outstanding in the field of endometriosis care as well as other providers who may be helpful for your healing, and from there you may make your own decisions.


Stars: AEEP ranks excision physicians in five key areas and assigns stars accordingly. An endo doctor receives one star per each of these that are made evident:

  • excises endo with wide margins
  • majority of patients have endo
  • keeps post-surgical outcome statistics
  • published/ presented work, peer-reviewed
  • usually avoids GnRH agonists

(Update: Not all physicians have submitted the answers to their questionnaires. As such, many doctors have not yet been assigned ratings and are lacking some information on their listing. Please be aware that at this time, "five star" doctors may currently have zero stars because of the lack of questionnaire results)

 Once again, these criteria are based on our own experiences and research. Our goal is to maximize the chances of restored functionality. Talk to your doctor to see what treatment is right for you. At this time AEEP is only ranking surgeons who treat endometriosis with excision. If you see an error or have a recommendation of a provider that should be on the directory, please contact us.

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26 East 36th Street, New York, NY, USA
Denise Jagroo Physical Therapy YouTube: DeniseJagroo Facebook Page: Dr. Denise Jagroo, DPT
222 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901, USA
(732) 565-5490(732) 565-5490
(732) 792-3038
Dr. Kongoasa received his medical training in the United Kingdom and completed Residency at Saint...
3915 Baronne Street, New Orleans, LA, USA
NOLA Pelvic Health 3915 Baronne Street Unit 3 New Orleans, LA 70115
701 South Nicolet Road, Appleton, WI 54914, United States
5677 Oberlin Dr, San Diego, CA, United States
Founder, Comprehensive Therapy Services, Inc. Private Practice
4911 N 26th St, Lincoln, NE, USA
(402) 477-3110(402) 477-3110
Husker Rehabilitation and Wellness, PC 4911 N. 26th St. Suite 100 Lincoln, NE  68521
5.00 (2 reviews)
6105 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd, Atlanta, GA, USA
Formerly practicing in Utah, Dr. Arrington joined the CEC in 2018. Dr. Arrington performs his ...
300 Halket Street Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Works within a multidisciplinary team for bowel / urinary tract. “Dr. Lee is a sought a...
5555 Peachtree Dunwoody Road, Atlanta, GA, USA
Achievements & Distinctions (Source:
330 Mount Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA
8431 Pointe Loop Drive Venice, FL
Gulf Coast Medical Group Women’s Health & Wellness Dr. James Kondrup is able to operate on...
I need someone who has experience with endo stage ___
Stage I-II, Stage III-IV
1.00 (1 review)
2222 N.W. Lovejoy St. Building 1, Suite 304 Portland, OR 97210
mospic - Lindsey Clark.jpg
5801 Soundview Dr, Gig Harbor, WA, United States
“Dr. Mosbrucker feels strongly that both pelvic pain and the urogynecologic issues need to ...
I need someone who has experience with endo stage ___
Stage I-II, Stage III-IV
872 5th Avenue, NY 10065, United States
(212) 988-1444(212) 988-1444
(212) 988-1755
Does some of own urinary tract and bowel work
2350 North Lake Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53211, United States
Also practices in Singapore and Italy Pioneer and inventor in the field of minimally invasive sur...
4201 Torrance Blvd, Torrance, CA
Dr.   Rebeles   is   a   big    supporter   of   endometriosis   patients   and   takes   part   ...
2008 Yeung no glasses - Patrick Jr. Yeung.jpg
5.00 (1 review)
1031 Bellevue Ave., Suite 400 St. Louis, MO 63117
Center of Excellence. Trained at the CEC. Able to do colorectal and lung and DIE. Accepts almo...
I need someone who has experience with endo stage ___
Stage I-II, Stage III-IV
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