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You really need to know this about endometriosis

You may have realized by now just how important education is when it comes to creating positive change. Putting good information out into the world is important for clearing up harmful myths and getting everyone, endometriosis suffers and everyone else, on the same page. But among the most important things we need to teach is…

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The American Diet & Endo

Dear Endo Warrior, the American Diet is not your friend, point-blank.    During this series, we have introduced you to different ways you can decrease estrogen-dominance, something that is commonly associated with endometriosis.    In Part 1, we discussed estrogen-dominance as a whole, and 5 dietary changes that can help your body eliminate excess estrogen. In Part…

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Estrogen Dominance 5-Part Series: The Stress Needs to STOP!

Endometriosis- a diagnosis that causes stress and also worsens with stress. With that in mind, it almost seems as though we will never win this battle against endometriosis. However, even though we have yet to achieve a “cure,” women with endometriosis can make lifestyle changes that will decrease disease progression and symptoms.   In this 5-part…

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Re: “You don’t look sick” and other irritating comments

Being miserable every day is a level of despair and exhaustion you cannot possibly fathom within actually experiencing that. I’d never wish that kind of hell on anyone, but it would be wonderful if others’ compassion would increase just a little. As anyone with a chronic illness will know, non-sick people make irksome comments all…

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The Endo Letters

The Endo Letters Written by Holly Sanneman Illustrated by Matt Shembari (Original story and characters created for The American End of Endo Project. Please feel free to share, but we kindly ask that you keep the attributions.) @americanendoefendoproject @hollysanneman #TheEndoLetters In the first episode of The Endo Letters, we meet Endo Metriosis as seen on…

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