The Endo Letters- Episode 1

The Endo Letters

Written by Holly Sanneman

Illustrated by Matt Shembari

(Original story and characters created for The American End of Endo Project. Please feel free to share, but we kindly ask that you keep the attributions.)

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In the first episode of The Endo Letters, we meet Endo Metriosis as seen on his preferred “match, chat, and meet new people app” that is called “Torture”. 

Episode 1- Endometriosis’ Dating Profile

Hi All,

My name is EndoMetriosis but you can call me Endo for short. I live wherever the heck I want to and take form however I want to. I don’t like labels or “sameness” so I do whatever I want mostly.

I have a weakness, an addiction almost: I love estrogen and cannot get enough of it. Makes me feel alive. It makes me really angry too, but I get off on being angry. I don’t know where I was born, but I know I have relatives that live in uteruses. I’m embarrassed to call them relatives- I am NOT the same as them, FYI. They’re just afraid to explore and blow things up. They seem more into “babies” and “normal periods” and stuff.

That life is too boring for me, so for my Patient, I don’t let those boring Endometrium give her “normal” anything. I’m a drifter and a rebel and love seeing how much I can burn to the ground. One of my favorite things is knowing how so few people know how to deal with me. I feel invincible, as if I could torture people forever. You can help me.

First, in order to help me, deny that I exist or at least how “bad” I am. As long as people think excruciating pain is normal, I am free to wreck people’s lives. As soon as you start pointing fingers at me and standing up for “normal periods”, I am endangered. So please, keep denying me and keep denying women’s pain. Thank you in advance, dear friends.

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Next, deny periods in general. It’s easier to deny my presence and deny women’s pain when we all just make it a rule to not discuss gross organs like uteruses and ovaries and focus on what they consider not-gross organs like stomachs and kidneys. Shame keeps them quiet.

If we can make it a rule to leave “impolite” conversation out of the equation and focus on easy topics and anything superficial, I can get my destructive work done in peace. If these pesky women could just keep me a secret at the doctor’s office, I wouldn’t have to deal with haters. If doctors could keep rolling their eyes and ignoring the patients who do squawk, I could get a lot more done. Seriously people, I have lives to ruin here, and I am a damn good torture artist.

I really love seeing how big I can get, how many ways I can look, and where I can hide. My favorite thing to do? Hard to choose. One thing I love is showing up in bizarre places no one would expect. The other thing I love to do is leave scars that cause even more damage. It’s my “calling card”.

I’d call myself “resilient” because even when doctors try to zap me out or treat me with medications, I keep growing. I’d consider myself creative, anarchist, temperamental, and goal-oriented: the more places I can “level” and prevent from thriving, the better I’m doing. I aspire to freeze organs and obliterate entire systems, but I do what I can when I can.

So that’s it, rant over. That’s me, Endo, all summed up. If you’re into destroying women’s lives and building an empire of misery, you and I can be best friends along with my squad that includes Adenomyosis, Interstitial Cystitis, and Fibroids. If you bring pain, destruction, depression, hopelessness, or any other form of torture to girls and women, let’s hang out some time.