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We needed that someone, so we made Her

Why does American End of Endo Project exist? AEEP exists because having endometriosis is horrible and navigating care adds insult to injury. The whole thing totally sucks and it is easy to get lost or lose hope. AEEP exists to give information this is easy to understand and helpful.

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Clarifying Medical Terms Part 1- Endo… Metro…

Clarifying medical terms Endometriosis versus Endometritis versus Endometrial Ablation versus Ablation of Endometriosis… Latin: Endo “inside” Metr- “uterus” Osis- “condition of” It is- “inflammation of” ——————————————————————– Ab- “away” Lat- “take” “Ablation”= “take away”   Oh Latin roots, so helpful sometimes, but also so very confusing at others. This section is dedicated to helping you to…

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Conflicting Information- How do I know what to believe?

In a world of conflicting stories, opinions, and supposed facts, how do any of us know what to believe anymore? There are conflicting ideas in every area of life. The world of endometriosis information is no different, except the difference in ideas could be extremely harmful. The following was written to encourage you to think…

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Extra-pelvic Endo (when endo is in WEIRD places)

Have you ever felt that you are doomed to a life of seemingly random issues that don’t appear to make sense? Perhaps you have “stomach problems”, “bathroom problems”, or weird aches and pains that have no diagnosis. Did you know that endometriosis can technically be found in all kinds of places?

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Lady Issues and Un-sexy Tissues

“I thought it was a lady event”, some of the husbands apparently said when I hosted a pre-launch event for Endo Project at my house. Some of them ended up joining after our pleas, and some never did. I have nothing against any of these people, but this kind of thing is telling of a…

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