We needed that someone, so we made Her

Why does American End of Endo Project exist? AEEP exists because having endometriosis is horrible and navigating care adds insult to injury. The whole thing totally sucks and it is easy to get lost or lose hope. AEEP exists to give information this is easy to understand and helpful. We have a searchable directory of endometriosis doctors with information about each doctor to help you make an informed choice about who to check out. We are slowly adding pelvic floor physical therapists to our list, because it takes a village to give us a chance at feeling better. We are beefing up our current programs and our goal is to (someday in the very near future) provide funding and insurance advocacy for people seeking excision surgery with an endometriosis specialist.

We aim to be a voice of functional and restorative therapies for endometriosis. Drug companies have representatives, hysterectomies are popular choices for many physicians, and many doctors market themselves, but things such as thorough excision, vegetables, and pelvic floor physical therapy did not seem to have a strong advocate in general. So, for those of us who do not handle synthetic hormones well and/or do not feel comfortable taking them and/or do not want to have our organs removed if possible and/or want our bodies to be as free and clear as possible… we needed an advocate. We collectively needed an older sister who would hold our hand when things were scary and give us what we want and what we feel we need when the options we have been given do not sit well with us. We needed someone to explain things to us when we just can’t read another scary confusing thing online. We needed that someone, so we made Her: American End of Endo Project was born. AEEP is for people who have endometriosis. We want your feedback, your ideas, and to hear your voice. Help us to become an extremely useful tool for others who are living with this terrible condition by sending us feedback in the comments or through our contact form. Also, if you want to stay in the loop, you could signup for our super rare and non-obtrusive e-news. Thank you for helping us to make AEEP better!

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